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Welcome to our new web pages!!

We are excited to announce two new products:

First – our most powerful laser yet.

It has 75mWatts of bright green laser light that will support working in most, often all, daylight situations. The correct model number is : BDL-532SHO. Check it out on the products page.

Second – our new Fly Away Laser

This green laser is done in a flashlight style and offers 30mWatts of laser power. Built with the same quality you have come to expect, but priced at only $995 – fully 1/2 the price of our model BDL-532. It doesn’t have some features of the BDL-532, but it has the most important ones¬† – 30mWatts of power, quality construction and the same large beam size as our other lasers. Correct model number is BDL-1



What Makes Our Avian Dissuaders So Effective?

High Power Output

Assures long range effectiveness (up to 3 miles, depending on model) and brightness that is hard for birds to ignore.

Large Beam

Ability to generate a beam circle that ranges from several inches to several feet means that birds cannot hide from it.


These patented products aren’t just remade laser pointers; Our Avian Dissuaders are specially designed and engineered for bird control.


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