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Reduced price for Fly Away laser until 12-31-2015


Effective immediately, price for the Fly Away laser is reduced from $995 to $595. We will honor this price until the end of the year.

We negotiated reduced cost from our primary vendors if we substantially increase volume for this model. Our expectation is that the reduced price will allow us to generate the increased sales volume needed to meet the requirements.


The Air Force BASH team requested a new model that looked less like a weapon from a distance so we created the Avian Hazer laser model BDL-2. It has been through Brooks City Base for testing and the BASH folks at Kirtland are writing up the SOP to submit to the LSSRB now.

Photo  below – 50mWatt Green – develops 1 meter beam circle at 500 meters. Uses 2 D cell batteries. All exterior joints and power switch sealed. Sells for $1,895 without safety glasses ($160 option).





What Makes Our Avian Dissuader & Fly Away lasers So Effective?

High Power Output

Assures long range effectiveness (up to 3 miles, depending on model) and brightness that is hard for birds to ignore.

Large Beam

Ability to generate a beam circle that ranges from several inches to several feet means that birds cannot hide from it.


These patented products aren’t just remade laser pointers; Our Avian Dissuaders & Fly Away lasers are specially designed and engineered for bird control.


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